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You asked, LISA listened!

Artistry, creativity, self-expression, professional expertise, empowerment, trendsetting, breaking boundaries, authenticity, global relevance: all qualities that both M•A•C and LISA are famed for. M•A•C x L represents these shared values in every product.

“I’m so excited to reveal to you one of my biggest projects so far as Global Ambassador of M•A•C Cosmetics: my very own full-face makeup collection!” exclaims Lisa. “ I curated the collection myself and designed every piece after things I absolutely love. Every shade, product, name, and even the packaging design represents something very special to me.”

The ultimate encapsulation of LISA’s high-key beauty and passion for makeup, M•A•C x L gives fans the opportunity to emulate their idol (and feel inspired and emboldened to create their own takes on her looks) with a portfolio of LISA-created and curated products in all-new colours and fan-favourite formulas that can swing from creating her pretty, off-duty cool look through to full-on stage-ready glamour.

As a star who is clearly comfortable in her own skin, it was important that this collection encourages her fans to feel similarly confident and empowered: M•A•C x L is created with artistic passion and made for all ages, all Races, and all genders. 

For example, LISA explains that she “wanted the M•A•C x L Eye Shadow Palette to be a versatile lineup that can effortlessly create naturally soft and sultry looks for every day – or glam looks for a night out by embracing a bold balance of mattes, shimmers and glitters.” The lip looks, too, are universal as she “made sure there’s a shade for everyone with a mix of colours and tones I personally love,” she adds. 

“Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour has been my go-to formula for on-stage and in my music videos; it lasts a really long time and is so comfortable to wear,” LISA reveals. “I’m very happy and proud to share with you the three brand-new shades that I have created and named – Rhythm ‘N’ Roses, Swoon For Blooms and Pink Roses.”

M•A•C: M•A•C x L collection will be available in the Philippines this December. Are you ready for this? 

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