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Let’s get real! If you’re a Makati folk or at least someone who is familiar with the area, we can all agree that Makati is one of the trickiest places to drive around—also the challenge of finding a parking space is always on. 

The good news is, Moovr PH, the first bike and e-scooter sharing company in the Philippines, is now available in Makati. 

According to Anna Moncupa, founder and CEO of Moovr, the fast-paced lifestyle in Makati is the reason the company chose the city for its next location. “With the launch of Moovr in Makati City, we can provide all Makatizens with an accessible transportation alternative that prioritizes their health and safety. I am excited to finally launch Moovr in the city this month, so everyone can experience the convenience of riding bikes and e-scooters around the city for faster and safer travel,” she explains.

As of writing, Moovr has 11 hubs and 55 bicycles in Makati. Bike rental fee starts at P20 every 20 minutes, while for the e-scooter, it’s P50 per 20 minutes. But the company also has more affordable and cheaper packages for those who are renting a bike or e-scooter for a day. 

Here’s how to use Moovr: 

  1. Download the Moovr app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account by signing up by registering your email address or linking your Facebook or Google accounts. 
  1. Once your profile is activated, find your ride easily by going to the nearest Moovr Hub. Helmets are not required but are encouraged for personal safety. 
  1. Once you reach the Moovr Hub, select your vehicle and unlock it by scanning the QR code to start riding. Vehicles can be rented for a maximum of 24 hours and e-scooters must be returned if the battery is less than 15 percent. Remember to drive only in designated lanes and obey traffic rules. The Moovr app will direct you to the nearest designated parking spot near your destination between rides. 
  1. Once your ride is complete, simply park and lock the bike or scooter in the Moovr Hub and end the ride in your app.
  1. Payment should be done by loading or topping up money through your app.

There you go. So the next time you’re in Makati and finding it hard to commute or maneuver around, why not try riding a bike? It’s healthy for us commuters and the rates are affordable, too!

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