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There is no denying that Ben&Ben is one of the most successful local bands of today. With their chart topping hits, it’s no wonder that the nine-member band is now a household name. 

But have you ever wondered how they are splitting their income and how they are spending their money?

In an exclusive interview with MB Life for their special performance during the recently held ING Bank’s anniversary celebration, the group gladly ended our curiosity and even gave investment tips for the youth. 

You have been a successful household name. Can you please share with us how you split the income as a group?

We split our earnings evenly as a band. We all love doing music and we love doing it together, which means it’s only fitting that we all get an equal share.

Do you have a common fund for the band?

Yes, we have a band fund that we keep and manage separately. That extra fund—we set aside for band necessities such as equipment and food.

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Have you guys already ventured into investing?

Yes! In this day and age, it’s now a necessity, so we’re all individually pursuing our own investment efforts.  

Can you give five investment tips for the youth on how they can manage their money and finances properly?

  1. Start early!
  2. Start even with a small amount—It adds up.
  3. Find good sources of information on how to invest, and don’t be afraid to ask family and friends how and where you can start.
  4. Set long-term goals for yourself, but don’t limit yourself to those goals. It helps to have something to really aim for to stay motivated.
  5. Do not compare yourself to others. Each person has a different financial journey, as everyone comes from different places in their lives. Focus on your journey, focus on your goals, and never let the success of others blind you with the wrong things.

There you go! Ben&Ben is definitely not just gifted in music talent but also wise in spending habits. 

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