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Inka Magnaye (Artwork by Ariana Maralit/Photos by Mat Crespo and @inkamagnaye)

Research has shown that 80 percent of young Filipinos believe that audio is a powerful tool to relax and unwind, 70 percent say it helps them in falling asleep, and almost 70 percent says that it helps them focus more while working or studying. 

Meanwhile, 53 percent of Filipino Gen Zs listen to ASMR at least once a week, indulging in what is often described as a ‘brain-massage’ with high-definition and detailed recordings of sounds such as eating, crumpling paper, or popping bubble wrap. Sounds familiar?

And when it comes to ASMR, one of the top creators that will come in our minds is none other than, voice talent actor, and the magical voice behind podcast “Sleeping Pill with Ink,” Inka Magnaye. 

During the Spotify’s Wellness Hub event, MB Life asked Inka what tips she can give to aspiring Spotify content creators, because, let’s admit it, the demand for podcasting is continuously growing. 

Here’s her three tips. 

  1. Figure out what you’re passionate about

“This is something that my producer from Cut. Print. podcast said to me. She said that you have to make sure that the podcast that you’re doing is something that you’re interested in,” Inka says. “Because, remember, you are going to be talking about this every week. And you are going to be talking about this at length. And this is something, hopefully, if you start a podcast that you can carry on for at least a year, at least two.”

  1. Think about the goal that you want to achieve with your podcast

“For example ‘Sleeping pill.’ I want to help people go to sleep. Sometimes it could be that simple,” she says. “You want to help people feel loved, you want to spread the word of anime or something, anything.”

  1. Put in the work

“That includes having fun doing your research, making it accessible for everyone so you spread the word, you post about it, you make the materials or the artwork, and all these things,” she says. 

Inka also says that she created the podcast as she found that poetry reading and ASMR was a way to help with her anxiety and she wanted to pay it forward. Her favorite playlists include chill music and often live in the Wellness nook of Spotify. 

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