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It’s undeniable that Ben&Ben is one of the most sought-after bands in the country today, not just because of their chart-topping hits but also because of their bravery online. 

The band is using their platform to start conversations about important societal issues including politics. In an exclusive interview with MB Life, Ben&Ben, the Spotify’s most-streamed Filipino artist of 2020, shares what inspires them to speak up and among other things. 

As artists, you guys are very vocal online when it comes to your stand and opinions. Where is this bravery coming from?

Art is rooted in the culture of personal experience. We simply feel that for art to be authentic, it must come from a place of personal truth. We suppose that bravery comes from a place of also prioritizing our role as citizens and not “just” artists.

Aren’t you afraid that you’ll also be a victim of “cancel culture?”

Fear is always present in wanting to fight for something that matters, but what we want to constantly remind ourselves is that in all difficult conversations, we remain respectful, kind, and that we never trample on another’s dignity in the process.

As artists, how important is it for you to use your platform in voicing out your stand and beliefs?

It is very important, as we know our listeners value us not simply as musicians they like to listen to but in a way, as role models too. It’s important for our listeners, especially the younger demographic, to see that arts and politics are at the core part of the human experience and something that all of us deserve to be able to partake in.

Do you have any message for today’s youth?

In a world where you can be anything you want, always remember to choose to be kind. In all you do and all you aspire to be, tread each day with kindness both to those you meet and interact with, but most especially to yourself.

In celebration of ING Philippines’ 31st anniversary, Ben&Ben will have an exclusive virtual concert on Oct. 23, 2021.  The concert link will be announced on the Facebook and Instagram pages of ING Philippines.

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