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Long before our current situation where women can voice out their opinions, join politics, and even earn their own money, history books have recorded that there was a long, hard-fought battle before we made it that far. 

And in the Netflix’ newest drama series, “The King’s Affection” shows us that women can lead if they are given the opportunity. 

At the show’s official press conference, lead star actress Park Eun-bin (“Dream High,” “The Ghost Detective,” “Do You Like Brahms?”)  said that this is also the message she wants to impart with the audience. 

“If you look at history, all of the Kings that we had were males, so a female king can only exist in our imaginations,” she says. “But I wanted to take the challenge where I could actually make the audience believe that a female can also be a king.” 

“The King’s Affection” follows the story of how the abandoned female twin ends up disguising herself as her crown prince brother who passed away. The tale originates from a comic book series that was inspired by imaginations about a woman rising to the throne and having to disappear from history. 

Even though she knows that taking this role will be a big challenge, Park Eun-bin proudly shares that she has no regrets. 

Park Eun-bin for ‘The King’s Affection’ (Netflix)

“This series is set in the Joseon Dynasty and I was very intrigued by the fact that there was a female king. It was a new challenge I wanted to take on,” she says. “I thought it was a unique role that would not come by often. We’re still filming and I have never regretted the fact that I decided to come on board.” 

“The King’s Affection”is directed by Song Hyunwook who directed the dramas “Beauty Inside” and “Another Miss Oh,” and written by Han Hee Jung who wrote “Clean with Passion for Now.” The first episode premiered on Oct. 11, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. on Netflix.

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