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(Artwork by Ariana Maralit)

The reality is, even though most of the time we are spending our days inside our homes, taking care of our skins and ourselves have become more vital as we are dealing with different kinds of stressors. 

So here’s a list of new products that we have tried that are worth the shot in case you are looking for new skincare products to level up your online meeting look. 

1.     AHC’s Essential Real Eye Cream for Face

Let’s face it: in this day and age, it’s all about the dew. We’re talking glowy, luminescent skin, otherwise known as the ever-idealized glass skin. It simplifies complicated routines and endless layering of products often associated with achieving glass skin. Because it’s multifunctional properties, it works equally well for both eyes and facial areas. Apply the cream evenly over the entire face to instantly enjoy seven percent more instant glossy skin after one use. 

2.     Garnier Bright Complete 30x Vitamin C Booster Serum

Since its launch in 2020, it has earned the crown of Most Loved Serum of 2021. This has 30 times the Vitamin C concentration of typical vitamin C serums, making it Garnier’s most concentrated formula and giving it the brightening power to fade and lighten dark spots and acne marks in just three days. 

3. Anessa Perfect and Moisture UV Sunscreens for Sensitive skin

We might be staying indoors but it doesn’t mean that we are safe from the harmful UV rays. In fact, the blue light our gadgets and laptops emit are scientifically proven to penetrate our skin deeper than the normal UV light. 

That is why using sunscreen these days is a must. For those who are having a hard time finding one that works for sensitive skin, Anessa’s Perfect UV Sunscreen and Moisture UV Sunscreen in mild gel could just be the solution. Formulated without additives, fragrance, alcohol, colorant, parabens, and mineral oil, this is safe even for babies, pregnant, and breastfeeding moms. Isn’t it amazing? 

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