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With its unconventional storyline, “Squid Game” has taken the world by storm and is now hailed as Netflix’ biggest show of all time. 

One of the most iconic scenes in this show is the tug-of-war game which tells that in game and in life, strategy does matter. 

To see if this strategy will truly work in real life, Korean YouTuber, Jin Yong tested it. In the video, he invited two groups of people to test if the weaker team would be able to beat the other team if they apply the strategy Oh Il Nam explained in the show. 

Unfortunately, the “Fake Men” (the strong team) was able to beat the weaker team even though the latter had applied the said principle. 

In the end, Jin Yong says that the strategy seen on “Squid Game” would not possibly bear a positive result if the team actually has an old man and three women competing against an all-men team. 

“Today’s conclusion, the tug-of-war in ‘Squid Game’ does not work,” he says. “There is a clear difference in strength between the teams. But there was a clear impact when the teams were more even.”

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