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(Artwork by Ariana Maralit)

Are you looking for new food or snacks to try while studying or working from home? Look no more because we are listing three new food items in town that you shouldn’t miss.

Here they are. 

  1. Detroit-style pizza of Corner Pizza by Kenny Rogers
    With its distinctive rectangular, thick-crust, crispy, and chewy pizza baked with edge-to-edge cheese, tomato sauce on top, and other toppings, Detroit Style pizza was built for savoring. Detroit Style Pizza—Pepperoni is made extra thick with 50 percent more cheese.  Who doesn’t like that? For only P599 per box, you can already enjoy this yummy treat with your friends and with your family. 
  1. Momo egg drop sandwich
    Wishing to have that South Korea travel vibe? Get the taste of South Korean’s famous egg drop sandwich with Momo. Their menu consists of four flavors—bacon, tuna, ham, and spam. Each flavor is named after South Korea’s famous cities. Due to high demand, you may need to book your order in advance. 
  1. Shroomdon from
    Looking for delicious yet healthy meals? We highly recommend Shroomdon from This meal is made with four types of mushrooms, 63 degree Celsius cooked-egg, talbos ng kamote, and Japanese rice. This is so yummy and healthy that we actually couldn’t get enough of it. Shrooomdon’s price starts at P1,100. 

Enjoy eating! 

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