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Even before its premiere, the new series from Netflix titled “Squid Game” is already being talked about online. 

But is it really worth the buzz? MB Life is giving you three reasons why you should watch it. 

  1. The show is created by award-winning director.

“Squid Game”  is written and directed by brilliant man Hwang Dong-hyuk. He is known for his ability to work in diverse genres and for his award-winning films such as “Silenced,” “Miss Granny,” and “The Fortress.” It took him more than a decade to bring this masterpiece to life since he started writing the script in 2008.

  1. The set is manually created.

Brilliant mind combined with creative set designs make an outstanding cinematic experience for the viewers. And what’s remarkable with this new series is, instead of simply relying on technology for special effects and design, actor Lee Jung-jae reveals that the whole set is a product of manual labor. 

“The set on script was brought to life,” he says during the international media conference held on Wednesday, Sept. 15. 2021. “The fact that I was able to see that in real life is amazing. There are lots of details in the set that are hidden and it will give you chills.” 

  1. This will make you question the way you’re living your life.

This new Netflix series features the story of hundreds of desperate, cash-strapped participants competing for an enormous cash prize through playing children’s games, only to realize that the consequences of losing is death. An extreme survival situation juxtaposed with childhood games makes for an uncanny story. 

THE CAST Heo Sung-tae, Park Hae-soo, Dir. Hwang Dong-hyuk, Lee Jung-jae, Jung Ho-yeon, Wi Ha-jun (Images courtesy of Netflix)

And according to director Dong-hyuk he wants people to enjoy the series but at the same time learn something from it.

“We are in a severe competition these days, in our day to day life. So when you watch the show, it’s not the same competition that you’re experiencing in life, it looks like a virtual one. That is why you’ll be able to enjoy it without too much burden,” he says. “But, there would be some entertaining aspects to watching the competition and after you finish watching it, you will start to think: Why did they have to compete so hard? And then that will lead you to think: Why am I living a life in such a competitive manner? Why do we have to compete all the time? Where did this all start? And where is this leading us to? These kinds of questions would pop into your head and that is something that I would like you to feel after watching the series.”

There you go! Now you have more reasons to set your alarm and notifs for the arrival of “Squid Game” this Sept.17, 2021 only on Netflix.

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