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This is not a drill, guys. 

Twitter has announced that starting today, they are testing the implementation of Communities—a new way to easily interact with people that want to talk about the same things you do, where you can make Twitter feel more like you and feel supported. 

Here’s how the communities will work:

  • Starting today, you can expect to see Communities; such as Dogs, Astrology, Skincare. Communities exist on iOS and as a place to tweet about your interests separate from your public timeline. 
  • New members must be invited by the moderator or another member in the Community in order to join.
  • When you send a tweet in a Community, only people in your Community are able to reply—but the tweets will be publicly visible. And only those in the Community can engage in the conversation—tweet, reply, like, or retweet.
  • While you can tweet only to your Community for a focused conversation; other people can read, quote tweets, and report Community tweets. 

Each Community will have Moderators who can make internal Community rules and set the tone for future conversations—perhaps the Sneakers Community will ban Tweets about sandals, or the Dogs Community won’t accept pictures of cats.

There you go! Who’s excited to try this? 

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