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(Artwork by Ariana Maralit)

Several studies have shown that journalling offers a lot of benefits for our emotional and psychological health. 

It helps improve our memory and combats anxiety and depression. But, on top of it, this also unleashes the creative person within us, especially these days where we are confined in our homes due to COVID-19. 

And to help you in your journaling adventure, we listed three unique local stationery stores on Instagram that you should follow. 

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  1. Calligraphy Source

Owned by Dior Castillo-Lalu, this store offers affordable yet quality journals.

“Back in 2019, I used to just sell calligraphy supplies (hence the name Calligraphy Source) that are not available locally or are very hard to find,” she says. “During the onset of the pandemic in 2020, I struggled to find purpose so I ended up keeping a journal and found myself enjoying the bullet journal method and creating creative journal entries. Being a self-proclaimed hoarder, I got into Archer & Olive, Notebook Therapy, Moleskine, and other foreign notebook brands. The downside is all of these notebooks cost an arm and a leg.” 

And so, she came up with her own brand, promising quality at a much affordable price. 

“By February of 2021, I launched my own notebook brand, Alon Notebook, with the promise of the same international-level quality, but at a price so much more affordable for the Filipino enthusiasts,” she says. “To date, we have launched 10 A5 white-paged dotted journals, 2 A5 black-paged journals, and 1 travelers size white dotted journal.”

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  1. Templates by Hana

Hobonichi and other Japanese stationery brands are usually must haves for journal enthusiasts. The challenge is, it is hard to find locally, with that, Hana Rellosa decided to launch Templates by Hana. 

“Templates by Hana is a hub for stationery lovers, for language-learners, and for anyone who wants to make their studying/planning/journaling more vibrant, cute, and organized. Offering stationery items, books, and digital products,” she says. “We make Japanese stationery products and digital templates more accessible and affordable to Filipinos. We also offer items that are unavailable here by sourcing it ourselves; bringing special edition and limited-edition products here.” 

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  1. Ben and Art

Of course, journalling doesn’t stop with notebooks and writing materials. This also comes with other creative sources such as pictures. 

And if you love retro styles and designs, this shop has a lot to offer including disposable film cameras in cute pastel colors, keepsake memory box, and lock journals. Yup. You read it right, LOCK JOURNALS. 

You can now write your thoughts freely without the fear that someone might read it without your consent because your notebook is literally locked. 

“We have a list of vintage themed products like turntables, film cameras, typewriters, music boxes, etc. But for stationeries, our best seller is our Better Days Ahead lock journals. It’s like our old lock diaries when we were kids but we redesigned it to make it look modern and minimalist while still maintaining the whole concept of a lock diary,” Jaya, the business owner says. “We focused on curating gift items that are personalized – and by personalization, we didn’t stop at just putting their names on our products. We designed and released our film recording players which plays your custom videos, photos, choice of song, a printed parchment letter, and a customized cover title.

There you go! Enjoy creating your journals, guys. 

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