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Once again, 10-year-old Filipino singer Peter Rosalita showcases his talent on the world stage during his latest performance at the live show of the  “America’s Got Talent’s Semifinals. 

With his powerful rendition of “Without You” by Mariah Carey, Peter received standing ovation from the show’s judges and made Simon Cowell emotional, even though he missed the first note of the song due to the crowds’ thunderous cheer for him. 

“I absolutely love that performance. The fact that you knew that you missed the intro, and you took control on a live show. Good for you,” Simon says. “And you deliver that amazing vocal and then I was thinking about the lyrics of the song and I got emotional and sad. I think America’s gonna love you and they’re gonna love that performance. Good for you.” 

When Peter missed the first intro, he cheerfully asked the backstage people to repeat the beat. His professional way of handling this situation earned praises from the judges. 

Good job, Peter! 

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