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Are you one of those young people who aspire to become a social media influencer? 

24/7 online, traveling across the globe, and VIP access to events. These are just some of the perks of the established online influencers, so who could blame you for wanting this to be your career? 

Goodbye school. Hello, internet!
And don’t worry, you are not alone. Studies have shown that more and more young people are turning their back on traditional careers in favor of lucrative ones that the internet has to offer. 

HONOR STUDENT Unknown to many, Justine Luzares, the man behind crowd’s fav Chismosang Marites graduated Cum Laude with the degree in AgriBusiness.

In the recent study conducted by the travel company, First Choice, they found out that 75 percent of children ages six to 17 want to become Youtubers. Meanwhile, in another study conducted in America, it shows that young people don’t only trust influencers but they also want to be like them. 

“86 percent of Gen Z and millennials surveyed would post sponsored content for money, and 54 percent would become an influencer given the opportunity, according to the report by research firm Morning Consult, which surveyed 2,000 Americans ages 13 to 38 about influencer culture,” the CNBC report says. 

But is neglecting the value of education in exchange for building online fame a wise career move?

What does Chismosang Marites have to say?
MB Life asked our favorite chismosang kapitbahay—Marites, or Justine Luzares in real life. In an exclusive interview where he was introduced as the newest talent under Cut! Print. company, we talked to Justine about his thoughts regarding the said matter. 

“Never kong plinanong maging content creator. I have this passion for writing and telling stories, but I never imagined doing it as a career,” the 26-year-old content creator and social media influencer says. 

Justine graduated Cum Laude with a degree in AgriBusiness. 

“For me, this is just my opinion. Doing this as a career is not really stable. I mean projects come and go, it’s not really that frequent,” he says. “For the kids out there, you can start doing content creation as a sideline, but up to a certain point when you’re really earning, maybe you can focus on that. But it’s important that you have a fallback plan.” 


Please stop navi-vertigo ako 😭😭😭 HAHAHAHAHA

♬ original sound – Justine Luzares – Justine Luzares

Speaking of fall back plan, he encourages young people to finish their education and get their diploma. 

“Get that paper. Magtapos ka (finish your education),” he says. “My goal being a graduate of AgriBusiness is not to be an employee, but an employer. You can do content creation. You can be an influencer whatever it is that you want as a sideline, but I think it’s important that you have a fallback plan, your degree.” 

What do you think? Doesn’t Marites’ words of wisdom make sense?

And since he is now part of Cut! Print. team, soon we can expect more from Marites and her wonderful accent not just on TikTok but also on YouTube. 

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