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They say a good pair of shoes takes its wearer to good places.

If there’s anything as important as having good shoes, however, it’s making sure it remains as good as new. That’s what shoe care items are for.

If you happen to be looking for products to give your sneakers much-needed TLC, there’s a new brand in town you can try—DFNS.

Read as “defense,” this shoe care brand from The Netherlands offers a line of innovative items that make it possible for you to get the most out of your footwear while making sure that no harm is done to the planet.

A far cry from usual shoe care items, DFNS’ products are water-based, biodegradable, non-toxic, and solvent-free. All are also powered by air through what is called AiroPack Technology, which means its spray package dispenses no gas propellants or chemicals when used.

Check out their shoe care products below.

Footwear Protector (85 mL, P690; 150 mL, P990)

You’ll never have to worry about getting your shoes wet or stained. Safe for both the surface and the inside of your shoes, this protectant spray works on leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, among other footwear materials.

Footwear Refresher (150 mL, P790)

This footwear deodorizer utilizes an unlikely ingredient—probiotics. It works to keep your footwear odor-free. Just spray the entire inside of your shoe, let it dry completely, and smell (or not) the difference after 24 hours.

Footwear Cleaner (185 ml, P990)

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When damage has been done to your shoes, fret not. This cleaner removes any dirt from your shoe, regardless if leather, suede, nylon, canvas, or nubuck. This is also available in a set, The Cleaning Kit (P1,190), which includes a 90 mL cleaner, brush, and a soft cloth.

Apart from footwear care items, DFNS also has products for clothes such as the Apparel Launder (35 mL, P490; 85 mL, P590; 185 mL, P990), a clothing deodorizer; and Denim Launder (85 mL, P590; 185 mL, P990), a cleaner for your pair of jeans.

DFNS is now available online and in stores at Bratpack, Res|Toe|Run, The Travel Club, and ROX.


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