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Singer Frankie Pangilinan has called for justice to be served for flight attendant Christine Dacera, a 23-year-old flight attendant who, after celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends, was found unconscious in a hotel room bath tub and was later declared dead at a hospital. The Philippine National Police (PNP) are looking into the possibility of a rape-slay case.

In a series of tweets, Pangilinan has emphasized that women deserve respect and even criticized a hashtag implying that rape is a “danger [that] is inevitable.”

“We would prefer your respect over your protection. We’re not pretty things that need constant guarding. We’re human beings,” she writes. “Christine Dacera shouldn’t have needed protection. Enough of that dialogue. She was a woman who deserved basic, human decency.”

Pangilinan adds that instead of “protecting drunk girls,” which an earlier trending hashtag suggested,” it should be, ‘Respect [the f***] out of any human being.'”

“Drunk girls shouldn’t be needing any more protection than drunk guys,” she explains. “That’s exactly what’s wrong here, though—a few drinks and [women] are suddenly no longer people.”

Pangilinan has also pointed out how “it’s so damn sad that we have to be ‘protected’, because that implies this kind of danger is inevitable, when it’s not” and parents should teach their kids not to rape.

The singer has also reiterated that rape happens because of the rapist.

“It is never the clothes, never the drinks—never the victim, period,” she writes. “It is always, always the rapist’s fault.”

Meanwhile, PNP has asked the public to refrain from sharing unverified information on social media. In a Manila Bulletin report, police investigators have disclosed that Dacera suffered from aneurysm, and that bruises and other markings have also been found. A final autopsy report is expected to be submitted anytime this week.


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