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The year 2020 will go down in history as both the most disruptive and the weirdest. The latter was especially evident in a lot of the content we saw on social media from the past 12 months reflect that.

Here’s a lookback at some of the videos that went viral for its crazy, chaotic, and very 2020 energy.

Vico Sotto being frustrated

Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto went viral for many reasons during the past year, but perhaps the most relatable was during a Facebook Live back in May when a netizen’s question about the Social Amelieration Program (SAP)–already answered previously–threw the usually calm and collected Sotto into a fit of frustration.

Ang gulo kausap. Kakasabi ko lang lahat nga kasama eh,” he said in a clip that quickly went viral. “Kung ‘di ba naman mamuti buhok ko rito.

Also early into the pandemic was an all-too-similar scenario giving off the same vibe–when Sotto let out a sigh when asked about the national government’s directive to ban tricycles in Pasig.

If this weren’t all of us this 2020–stressed, exhausted, and exasperated–we don’t know what.

Ostrich on the loose in Quezon City

It’s not every day that we see two ostriches in the city, but considering that it was not inside a zoo but a Quezon City subdivision, we would totally agree that it’s peak chaotic energy.

While the illegally kept animals later died, their rise to online fame through a clip that’s just as wild as 2020, will forever be remembered.

Willie Revillame getting cursed on national television

TV host William Revillame’s show was so used to hearing messages of gratitude from prize winners on his show that when a contestant–not believing that she’s been picked for a cash prize and is talking to Revillame himself–cursed him, he just laughed the shock off.

The moment where the contestant called Revillame “gago,” instead of saying, “Salamat, Shopee,” on national television amused so many viewers that it quickly went viral online.

That shockingly weird soda ad

We were already dealing with enough pandemic-related problems, but that soda ad just had to be weird and worrisome, too.

The commercial, which got netizens abuzz, featured a son with four drinking glasses attached to his back and a mother who secretly hid a soda bottle in her head. Only someone who experienced 2020 would be able to come up with such a crazy ad, if you ask us.

That five-hour, white sand viewing

Imagine staring at white sand for five hours straight, except it’s 2020 and someone actually did it.

Probably the calmest of the bunch, this viral livestream of an artist by the name Cloud was a satire directed to the dolomite dumped to supposedly beautify Manila Bay and help Filipinos with their “mental health.”

Which viral video this year best captured 2020 for you?


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