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A Pinoy Twitter user’s tweet about the crazy, confusing, and chaotic year that is 2020 just blew up, quite literally, as it’s been enlarged into a billboard.

The huge sign, which features Jai Cabajar’s tweet, has been spotted in San Francisco, California, as photographed by another Twitter user.

“My favorite part of 2020 is when it ends,” the December 4 tweet reads, in a font size definitely larger than what Twitter would allow on the platform.

Twitter, in a reply to Jai Cabajar’s blown up tweet, has seemingly confirmed the billboard’s legitimacy with a photo showing a better view of the sign.

The same tweet has also appeared in another digital billboard, as per a series of tweets by Leslie Berland, chief marketing officer and head of people at Twitter.

Cabajar’s tweet is one of the many appearing in large signs all over the US, in what looks like a gesture of goodbye to 2020.

In a reaction tweet, Cabajar writes a witty response.

“Kung saan-saan naman umaabot tweet ko, sana ako rin,” he writes, before following up with, “Ma, may billboard na tayo, Ma.”

Featured photo from Twitter


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