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An unlikely food combination is currently making the rounds on social media and it’s a mix of a classic cool treat and a Filipino must-have condiment—vanilla ice cream and soy sauce.

Yes, you read that right. Toyo ice cream is now a thing and netizens are down to trying it because, get this, it’s apparently “weirdly good,” so much so that it has become a food challenge daring others to try the unique combo on-cam.

In a post on TikTok, content creator Marvin Fojas, who always calls us bhie, has taken on the challenge.

In the video, he can be seen mixing at least a spoonful of vanilla ice cream and about a teaspoon of soy sauce in a mug.

His thoughts upon trying it? “Bakit masarap?” he says. “Naging lasang salted caramel siya, bhie.

Masarap Ba?, a popular food review account on Instagram, has also tried the combo, after a follower’s social media tag and dare.

Instead of vanilla, though, Masarap Ba? has opted for white cheese ice cream.

The verdict? “Hala, ang sarap nga!” the reviewer shares in an Instagram post, before eventually finishing all of the toyo ice cream.

It’s unknown who thought of the unusual food combo, but props to whoever did. You’re one heck of a creative (and brave) foodie.

Have you tried the #ToyoIceCreamChallenge?


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