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If you’ve been meaning to leave the company you’re working for but feel bad for leaving in the middle of a pandemic, might as well try to resign not with a letter, but through a cake.

That’s an alternative an online bake shop, Sugarific, has proposed in a Facebook post.

The minimalist, chocolate-flavored cake, bears a simple and straightforward statement, “Sir, magre-resign na po ako.”

When asked about how the cake came about, Airish Salvador, the owner and head baker of the Antipolo-based shop says no actual client ordered a cake and is simply an attempt to lighten a family member’s mood.

“It started as a joke. I was simply conceptualizing a minimalist cake and my older sister happened to be contemplating about resigning from her current workplace,” Salvador tells MB Life. “She doesn’t know how to tell her boss, though, that’s why I suggested that she write it on a cake instead so her boss won’t be too disappointed.”

The lunchbox cake, which measures 4″ x 2″, retails for P199.

Inquiries and orders are welcome via Sugarific Cakes’ Facebook and Instagram.


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