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‘Tis the season to be jolly, or at least for the people of the internet, funny.

Puns via Powerpoint presentation drafts for fictional discussions (maybe even actual, we don’t know) have been trending on Facebook.

It’s unclear when or how these started going viral, but many believe the Judaism-Judy Ann Santos entry is the mother pun of it all.

The pun is a witty response to a professor tasking a student to prepare a report about Judaism. It seems, however, that the student has a different “Juday” in mind, instead of the monotheistic religion developed among the ancient Hebrews.

Internet’s wit doesn’t stop there, of course. Netizens have kept sharing their funny entries. Take your pick from Cardo Dalisay for Cardiology to Dua Lipa for dualism for your dose of holiday cheer and laughter.

Even law students have thought of comedian and TV host Willie Revillame to discuss Wills and Succession. 

Psychology, apparently, can be discussed with some help from K-Pop girl group, Red Velvet, too. It’s only fitting, as the band’s last release is a single called Psycho.

If there’s a case study that needs to be reviewed, just know that we’ll be there, as long as we have the same case in mind.

What’s the funniest Powerpoint pun entry you’ve seen? Let us know!

Featured photo by John Edrik Ignacio


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