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Award-winning advertising agency, Gigil, is back with a new commercial for RC Cola, and there’s little to no difference from the previous ad that got netizens talking and analyzing.

Almost two minutes long, the clip titled, “Band,” opens with a four-member group in the middle of rehearsals. It comes to a stop when the vocalist tells her bandmates that she’s quitting.

“I can’t do this anymore,” she says. “I never felt that I was really part of the group. I’m different from you guys.”

“Ha?” the band leader says. “Anong ibig mong sabihin, limang taon na tayong magkakasama.”

In a weird turn of events, as per usual with Gigil, she eventually reveals the true reason why—she has a bottle of soda hidden in her arm.

Her bandmates, who are supposedly blind, later comforts her, sharing a secret that’s just as much of a shocker—all three of them have ice cubes on their eye sockets, which they dispense in drinking glasses. Might as well call it “eyes dispenser,” right?

A band member then pours RC Cola from the girl’s arm into the glasses in typical refreshing cola ad fashion.

The new commercial is a follow-up to the wildly viral “Basta RC Cola” series’ first installment titled, “Family,” which featured a son with four drinking glasses attached to his back and his mother with a soda bottle inside her head.

It’s unclear if more ads will be released through the series, but one thing’s for sure—all will be just as weird and unconventional.


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