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A year and a half ago, when the world was still pandemic-free, Muji’s clean, simple, and functional take on the classic tabo trended due its seemingly expensive price at P365 apiece.

The humble Filipino household essential became so viral that not only did it draw funny reactions from netizens and related promotional posts from other brands, it also birthed a friendly tabo war online.

Well, you can bring the same happy vibes from those good ol’ times this Christmas (Lord knows we need lots of it) by giving the Muji bestseller as a present for a friend—or maybe even yourself—through one of the lifestyle store’s holiday bundles.

Included in the bath essentials set, the gift bundle features the bath dipper, foaming net for the face, foaming net ball, and pumice stone.

You can get all of this for only P400. That saves you about P110.

Other Muji gift bundles include a planner set at P700, which includes a minimalist planner, a bunch of pens, and a clear envelope.

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