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RC Cola has just released its latest advertisement and unlike its previous promotional videos, this one is making some viewers confused about what exactly is going on.

The almost two-minutes long clip, promoting the brand’s 800 mL glass bottle variant, starts off like your typical Pinoy teleserye, where the adopted son dramatically questions his identity, and his parents finally tell him the truth.

The ad takes a rather odd turn, though, when the son also questions why he has four soda glasses attached on his back. Perhaps to prove that he is not adopted, the clip proceeds to show the mother unveiling a soda after removing her own head from her body, pouring the drink to the soda glasses. We’re assuming that it’s because cola and glasses go together.

It eventually ends with all four family members drinking soda from the son’s back.

Many netizens took to Twitter to ask who came up with the wild commercial idea. Apparently, it’s the latest work of ad agency, GIGIL, which, in its three years of existence, has been producing viral advertisements. Remember that Danes Cheese commercial? How about that funny and straightforward Orocan billboard? Yes, that’s them.

Apart from questions about the ad’s brainchild, though, those who have seen the new RC Cola clip only have mixed feelings about it (and genuine concern for its creators).

We still don’t know what to feel about this soda ad, but see, the same is true about 2020, anyway, so for now, we’ll settle for RC Cola’s explanation: “Basta!”

What do you feel about this commercial?


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