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Former Miss Earth PH and now singer Imelda Schweighart’s recent Facebook posts are drawing flak online.

In the said posts, Schweighart says she hates K-pop.

“Filipinos are losing their identity trying to be like Koreans. Konting pride, please?” she adds. “‘Di hamak na mas magaling naman mag-English mga Pinoy kesa Korean. Akala ko ba Chinese nananakop? I think we’re getting it wrong. Lagi na lang tayo sinasakop.

Her sentiments did not sit well with some netizens.

Some have also posted receipts of Schweighart eating samgyupsal, where she has also written, “I love Korean food so much.”

Others have also brought to light Schweighart’s music, with a netizen even tweeting that her supposed hatred for K-pop may just be part of an attempt to promote through hate-gained attention.

Meanwhile, Schweighart, on Instagram, has said that her Facebook has been disabled because “ni-report ata ng marami.

“These K-pop fans are f***ing sadists, man. D**n,” she writes in a separate IG story.

She adds that she is also taking legal action against “every single person who has been messaging me” and those who “have crossed the line,” citing the Cybercrime Law.

“I’ll give you one day to remove your words, ’til I really get on with this,” she warns.

This is not the first remark from Schweighart that drew flak online. In 2016, she gave up her crown after making a controversial statement about Miss Earth 2016 pageant winner Katherine Espin of Ecuador. In a video, she was seen and heard telling fans that Espin has “peke ilong, peke baba, peke boobs” (fake nose, fake chin, fake boobs).

What are your thoughts on this?


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