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Do you often have those days when you just feel like eating and enjoying more ice cream goodness than usual?

Well, it looks like McDonald’s gets you. The fastfood chain has just launched their sundae variants in ice cream pints.

A post in a Facebook community called McDonald’s Balayan shows the product in classic hot fudge blend and classic hot caramel blend. The name indicates that the flavor toppings have been blended with the familiar vanilla soft-serve.

“[It is] good for 3-4 persons,” the post adds.

McDonald’s official Facebook page later confirmed in an announcement post that the sundae pints are indeed legitimate and are part of their new “Super Servings” offers, which also include a McSpaghetti platter.

If you need more proof, a quick search in the McDelivery website’s product listing also shows the pints.

The pints retail for P139 each are already available for purchase in select stores only and delivery via

Featured image by Ariana Maralit


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