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#NasaPusodKoAngPangulo is currently trending on Twitter.

The hashtag, which translates to, “The president is in my belly button,” is at the top of the local trends list this morning. As of writing, there are already over 8,000 tweets about it.

It remains unclear who started using the hashtag or how it ended up being the most tweeted topic.

It’s notable, however, that #NasaPusoKoAngPangulo previously trended as the response of President Rodrigo Duterte’s vocal supporters to another hashtag, “#NasaanAngPangulo,” which also trended due to his perceived absence during the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses.

Presidential Communication Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar has also said in a statement that #NasaPusoKoAngPangulo topped the Twitter trends list. It has gained traction only on Facebook, though, ahead of the president’s recent national address. A trends tracker,, also indicated that the hashtag never topped the trending list.

Users of the social media platform, nevertheless, are left confused by the hashtag, #NasaPusodKoAngPangulo.

Meanwhile, the hashtag, #MaySayadSiLeni, is also trending on Twitter.

What are your thoughts on this?

Featured image by Ariana Maralit


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