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Love or career?

For sure, in your life, you’ve had to choose between pursuing a special someone and getting ahead professionally, regardless of what industry you might be in.

That’s the dilemma at the center of the new, all-original Filipino show from iFlix Philippines, Beauty and the Boss.

The six-episode romantic comedy series, which stars real-life boss, Gino Roque, and undeniable beauty, Elisse Joson, tells the story of Rafa (played by Roque), who breaks away from the family business to start his own cafe where he meets Stella (played by Joson), a young woman who applies and eventually works with her go-getter attitude and kind personality at the cupcake and sweet treats-filled shop.

While their full love story remains to be seen, as the series is only set to premiere on November 6, both Joson and Roque guarantee that Beauty and the Boss will bring not just kilig, but also lessons on life, career, love, and what’s worth sacrificing for.

“Stella has a dilemma of choosing lover over her dreams,” Joson tells MB Life during the show’s virtual press conference. “Depending on the type of person you are, I think based on how Stella managed to overcome that dilemma in this series, doon mayroong lesson na pwedeng pulutin.”

Roque echoes his leading lady’s answer, saying that the series poses a question on how far one is willing to go for love.

“As there are many obstacles, the real question is, “How much will he sacrifice for her?” he says. “If you relate it to everybody’s personal life, sometimes may limits. Sometimes you can only go so far kasi you have other priorities. When you decide, however, na this is for love talaga, would that surpass all the boundaries or not?”

Beauty and the Boss premieres on iFlix Philippines this coming November 6.

Watch the trailer here.


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