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Firsts—birthday, anniversary, or a job—are always special and often call for a gathering with friends and family.

On Facebook, however, a user that may or may not be pissed about the life-altering effects of the pandemic is pushing to celebrate a rather first—the emergence of coronavirus disease-2019 (Covid-19).

The event page is aptly called “Covid-19 1st Birthday Party.”

Made by a Facebook user by the name Hugo Quillan, the online and certainly socially-distanced event aims to wish a happy first birthday to Covid-19 which, over the course of 2020, “has had a big impact on all our lives.”

Now before you take offense at this event, Quillan adds in the page’s description an invitation to “come join me on [December] 18th and let’s give a toast (and the middle finger) to Covid-19.” That oozes sarcasm, doesn’t it?

As of writing, the event already has at least 700,000 interested attendees, many of them eagerly awaiting the online party set to happen on Quillan’s Discord account.

Would you be interested in joining the party?

Featured image from Covid-19 1st Birthday Party


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