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Have you been ordering food, beverages, or household items online these days? For sure, you’ve been disposing more boxes, bubbles wraps, and other packaging materials than usual.

What if I tell you that online shopping does not always equal excess waste?

Take Local Host Coffee, for instance, an online coffee shop that practices sustainability by using refillable bottles for their cold brew offerings.

Established back in December 2019 by Marikina-based coffee lovers Irylle and Camille, the brand has been using reusable and recyclable glass bottles to package their coffee variants from the get-go.

The decision to use such packaging, they say, is in support of the Think Ahead Movement (TAM).

“TAM’s ultimate goal is embracing a sustainable lifestyle, while spreading awareness that will help lessen waste and energy consumption, for the love of our environment. It encourages everyone to move with intent, to make a conscious decision to do better, and be better,” the brand’s founders tell MB Life. “This is why at Local Host, we require our subscription patrons to return their empty bottles, which will sterilized thoroughly, in exchange for fresh cold brew. For our other clients, we encourage them via discount incentive on their next purchase.”

The brand currently offers two cold brew series—Natural, which is a naturally sweet cold brew coffee in three sizes: solo (250ml), duo (330ml), and share (730ml); and Everyday, which includes the following in solo size bottles: Local Suada, a sweet and creamy blend; Breakfast Blend, a milky vanilla cold brew latte; and Nutty Dark, a bittersweet blend with homemade chocolate syrup.

For their Natural series subscription-based program, you can receive a monthly supply of 4 share bottles with free delivery within Metro Manila.

All of these variants contain locally-produced coffee from Baguio and La Trinidad, Benguet, hence, the brand’s name, Local Host.

“[The brand] was born because we want to boost locally produced coffee
alongside internationally produced ones as household staples,” the founders explain. “We want to be a vessel of quality coffee, brewed with respect to the farmers who produce the beans, and to the roasters who bring out its flavors.”

Irylle and Camille say their products are not fully plastic-free yet, but that they are constantly working on finding ways to do so in the hopes of promoting consumer living that’s kinder to the environment.

“It goes back to paying respect to Mother Earth who keeps on giving, and only asks to be cared for and nurtured in return,” the founders add. “In our simple ways, we hope we are helping by being better stewards and encouraging others to do the same, one Local Host bottle at a time.”


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