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A Grade 1 student’s school worksheet and her rather amusing and impressive answers have been making the rounds on social media, teaching a valuable lesson to kids and adults alike about gender stereotypes.

The said exercise instructs students to encircle toys that are for girls and box those that are for boys. Choices include a jump rope, robot, motorcycle, a castle, and a Barbie doll.

Ayesha, however, encircled and boxed all toys.

Just wanna share this pic because I'm really just so proud of the way she thinks about these things and concept despite…

Posted by Dianne Agura on Monday, October 12, 2020

When told by her older sister, Dianne Agura, who is also her tutor, that she might get zero marks, Ayesha argues that toys are for everyone, regardless of gender.

Ate, ang laruan, laruan kasi. Pwede naman lahat ‘yan sa babae at sa lalake eh,” she says. “Ako nga ‘di ba naglalaro naman ng kotse at dinosaur, lalaki ba ako? ‘Di ba hindi naman? Edi pwede to sa babae. Parang damit ate ‘di ba?Kapag ang lalaki nagdamit ng dress, hindi naman bakla agad?

Upon realizing how brilliant Ayesha’s answer was, Dianne says she’s one proud sister.

Akalain mo ‘yun, in that young mind, she broke a gender stereotype we often overlooked and treated it like it’s a non-significant issue kasi it’s just the way it is,” she writes in a Facebook post. “I am so ashamed of myself for telling her that her answers were wrong. If her teacher marks this wrong, I’ll still be very proud of how she justified her answers. Sobrang na-amaze lang talaga ako kasi these are not the usual answers of a Kinder/Grade 1 student. Ang lawak lang ng tingin niya sa mga bagay.”

Those who have seen the post couldn’t agree more.

“Good job, baby girl!” one commenter writes, while another netizen comments, “We too, are very proud of your sister. She is growing up to be an amazing person. You all raised her very well.”

Featured image by Ariana Maralit


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