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Have you ever thought of where your sanitary pads, almost entirely made out of plastic, end up after usage?

In the Philippines, the world’s third top producer of plastic waste like bottles, bags, and the like, about 150 million sanitary pads end up in landfills and the ocean, and take 500-800 years to biodegrade.

What if there’s a better version of this must-have on red days?

Enter the Nala pad, a sanitary pad alternative that’s kinder to both you and the environment.

Created to grow period care options in the country, a Nala pad is everything a traditional pad isn’t—it has an organic cotton topsheet with a biodegradable backsheet, and is individually-wrapped in corn-starch biodegradable package. It’s also “anatomically shaped for maximum comfort and leak protection.”

The pads come in two variants—day (P185/10 pads) and night (P195/10 pads)—as well as pantyliners (P240/24 pads). A starter kit, which contains one of each variant, is also available for P570.

“Other brands in the Philippines are made with artificial fibers such as rayon and are exposed to toxic chemicals that lead to long-term irritation and other vaginal health problems,” the brand writes in its website. “Your body deserves better.”

And because these are made out of biodegradable materials, it only takes three to five years for it to break down. That’s a dramatically shorter period of disintegration than traditional pads, which usually take centuries.

“We wanted safe and sustainable products, free from harmful chemicals, artificial fibers, and plastics with which were littering our oceans & landfills,” the brand adds.

Nala pads and pantyliners are available via


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