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Feeling particularly weak and demotivated has become so common as of late that resorting to anything and everything that can get you through the day is a welcome help.

If you ever find yourself turning to aromatherapy for this particular problem, this essential oil could be what you’re looking for.

A creation of homegrown scent brand, Simoy ng Haraya, ‘Sigla’ blends steam-distilled lime, eucalyptus, and grapefruit pink to create a reinvigorating essential oil that “help spark energy into your day.”

The brand adds that a whiff of or a massage with this essential oil is perfect for when “unpredictable news day after day dampen your spirit and clutter your mind” and “you need to be productive and highly-focused to hurdle these challenging times,” also known as the year 2020.

As it comes in roller balls, application is easy and convenient. You can roll it on pulse points like the temples, wrists, the back of neck, and shoulders to relax tense muscles.

Sigla is often paired with Kalma, a blend of balsam copaiba, mandarin green, geranium essential oils, for when you need “to calm the mind so you can regain control.” 

Each 10mL bottle sells for P499, while a set of both is at P899 via


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