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In case you missed it, P-pop boy band SB19 has released a new single, “Hanggang sa Huli.” This time, though, the group swapped its usually performance-focused music videos for something rather unique–an animated reel.

The five-minute, tear-jerking video features multiple stories of love, family, and tragedy among young individuals. Its description reveals that Justin de Dios, one of the group’s members, has written and directed the clip.

The animator who has ultimately brought the music video to life, however, is Julian Bacani or Juju Arts on Instagram.

“I’ve been working with SB19 for their latest music video these past months,” the artist has shared in an Instagram post.

How did the collaboration happen, then? Bacani, who is a full-time corporate employee during the day and a freelance digital artist/animator at night, says the group’s project coordinator saw a short animated film he recently made and posted on Facebook, and contacted him for a collaboration.

“When I accepted the project, they already have the story and concept in place. Justin made a rough storyboard with the scenes they want to see in the music video, but I revised it to make the camera shot and composition better, while being true to the original storyboard,” he tells MB Life. “I also made the character designs, color keys, background art, and animation. I mostly talked with Justin and Kim (project coordinator) during the production to brainstorm ideas and for approval, but it was actually a team effort together with the other boys of SB19 and their staff. I really enjoyed collaborating with them, since they are all easy to work with and kind.”

Bacani says the whole project took him almost two months to complete, adding that “it was really a tight deadline since [SB19] wanted to launch it soon.”

“During our initial meeting, they told me that making the music video animated wasn’t their original plan,” he says. “They initially planned to produce an actual music video with the five boys playing the main characters, but shooting made it difficult and unsafe due to the pandemic. That’s why they decided to try a different style which is animation.” 

As of writing, the music video has already been viewed more than a million times on Youtube and is 15th among trending videos on the platform. There’s no shortage of compliments for the animator’s work, too, from SB19 fans, collectively called A’TIN, which Bacani finds overwhelming, humbling, and inspiring.

“The animation is 100/10,” a viewer writes in a comment.

Another fan describes the animation as “mesmerizing” and “effin’ good.”

Watch the full music video here.


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