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Bored in a house and in the house bored? Here’s something fun, artsy, educational to try.

Google has launched five 3D-modelled augmented reality filters via their Google Arts and Culture app. The filters are all based on iconic paintings, objects, and accessories from all over the world.

By opening the app and tapping the rainbow camera icon at the bottom of the homepage, users can take a video or image of themselves to become Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits, or the famous Girl with a Pearl Earring. They can also try and see what they look like with a traditional Samurai helmet or an Ancient Egyptian necklace on. 

The experience also allows netizens to explore the artifacts in high-quality detail from every angle. History and context are available for every filter to make the experience educational especially for students.

Google encourages everyone to share their favorite photos and videos using the hashtag #ArtFilter

The Google Arts & Culture app is available for Android and iOS, free of charge.


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