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Mimiyuuuh’s vocalizinationism skills has led her to a new venture—being a recording artist with the track “DYWB.”

Produced by Kean Cipriano-owned OC Records and composed by the online personality herself, the song is derived from Mimiyuuuh’s iconic line, “Drink your water, b****!”

“The song relies heavily on Mimiyuuuh’s pure comic performance and thrives on not taking itself too seriously,” the description of track’s official audio on Youtube reads.

True enough, the single starts off with “Mimiyuuuh in your perya,” a funny take on K-pop girl group Blackpink’s signature phrase, before proceeding to describe herself as the “OG dalagang Pilipina” while adding the slang word “skrrrt” in some of the lines.

Despite “being unable to come up with a second verse or being unable to use explicit words in the process,” the song ultimately hopes to remind listeners to stay hydrated.

“[It focuses] instead on delivering the refreshments,” the description adds. “As long as she is having fun and people remember to drink their water.”

In a recent vlog, Mimiyuuuh has shared how happy she is with how the project turned out, saying that she found the song to be “so litty” and even joked that it’s quality is at par with music from the likes of Drake.

“It’s all about water kasi super love ko talaga ang water. It’s about hydrating yourself,” she adds. “Sana suportahan niyo po ako rito sa aking new endeavor.”

Listen to DWYB here.


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