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When Renee Chan left her corporate job last year, she only had a vague idea of putting up an online business selling what she loves best—cookies.

Only when a stranger from a Facebook group took a chance to try out her own take on indulgent cookies, despite not having a name and branded packaging yet, that she thought it’s probably time to push through with what she has always wanted to do pre-pandemic.

“Cookies are my favorite thing and I can’t stop baking them as much as I love to eat them,” she tells MB Life.

Enter Every Bite PH, the online cookie shop born out of the many inquiries and orders that Renee has received since that fateful first order.

Perfect for those looking to satisfy quarantine cravings at home, the shop specializes in freshly-baked and massive soft, gooey, chewy cookies in both classic and nut-filled flavors: Ultimate Chocolate Chips, which is loaded with dark and milk chocolate chips; Chips & Walnuts, which also has dark and milk chocolate chips, with the crunchy addition of walnuts; Chips and Cashews, which contains caramel and white chocolate chips, as well as cashews; and Triple Treat, which is packed with semi-sweet, caramel, and white chocolate chips.

“I like to try new flavors every now and then, but I always go back to the classics,” Renee says. “This is why I opted to offer the classics, which is something that people always go back to and never get tired of. Only this time, we added our unique take on it by including nuts and combining different types of chocolate chips.”

The Filipina mom adds that she’s well aware that Every Bite is only one of the many online cookie shops at the moment, what with the rise of home-based bakers during the lockdown.

What seems like a unanimous verdict among her brand’s fans, though, is that the cookies are reminiscent of those from the famous New York bakery, Levain.

“My love for thick, soft, chewy and gooey cookies must’ve been influenced by the famous NYC bakery,” she says. “Frankly, though, I haven’t tried a freshly-baked Levain cookie, so I just smile and thank people when they say that. What’s important for me to accomplish is to be able to give cookie fans the best version of their favorite cookie flavors and really enjoy Every Bite.”

At the moment, Renee is working on launching more options through the same trial-and-error approach she has used in developing existing flavors, as well as experimenting on generous amounts of premium ingredients in each cookie.

“Maybe something with peanut butter or espresso,” she hints. “There are a lot of ideas, but I’ll make sure to put out flavors that will make our customers enjoy every bite even more.”


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