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Adapting to the new normal is the new norm for everyone, regardless of the industry one belongs to and tries to survive in.

For Iloilo-based fashion designer Jorrel Espina, that means coming up with new pieces suitable for these virus-ridden times, while incorporating what his design are known for—traditional Filipino elements made hip and modern.

Enter bayong Tagalog, a tote bag made out of, as its pun-born name indicates, barong Tagalog fabric.

The bag, which measures 18 by 16 inches, features intricate, hand-embroidered barong Tagalog of artisans from Lumban. It’s made more durable and easier to disinfect by a transparent PVC film case.

The bag retails for P9,500.

Espina, who often collaborates with local weavers, is known for creations like the “bomberong,” a traditional barong Tagalog in the shape of a bomber jacket, as well as “teespina,” a funky tee out of traditional weaves and handcrafted embroidery.

Inquiries and purchases are welcome at @jorel.espina on Instagram.

Featured image from @jorel.espina on Instagram


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