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After what seems like forever, CL, former leader of K-pop group 2NE1, has finally released new music—or at least a bit of it.

Titled “+Post Up+,” the video, along with a short single written by the South Korean musician with Bonique, comes after almost two weeks of multiple photo and video teasers, and nine months after her first EP, “In The Name of Love.”

“[I] hope you guys enjoy it as much as I had fun creating it,” she writes in an Instagram post announcing the video’s official release.

The video, directed by Cho Gi Seok ad Lee Hyein of KUSIKOHC, features CL dancing and rapping while sporting pieces in edgy and unique styles.

CL has previously shared that +POST UP+ is a pre-release ahead of her new album as a thank you to all of my GZBz” or her beloved fans, and that they can expect more new music soon.

Over at Twitter, the hashtag, #PostUp_CL, have topped the trends list, with Filipino fans expressing delight over CL’s return.

Watch the official video for Post Up here:


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