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Have you always believed that you have a soulmate, and have you always been curious about what the person is like?

A psychic artist over at Etsy, who goes by the name, well, Artistic Psychic, is offering to illustrate and even describe your soulmate accurately.

All you need is to indicate the gender you want the sketch to be: a man, a woman, or that you have no particular preference; indicate your age; and add your first name.

The California-based artist promises to send the pencil sketch and detailed description of your soulmate via email within 12 hours of purchase.

Though it’s a challenge to confirm the credibility of the psychic abilities, which the artist says she “was so fortunate to be born with,” reviews of the listing attest to her readings.

“The drawing looked very similar to the person that a different psychic had told me was my soulmate a couple months ago and the description she gave seemed very much how I would expect him to be,” one recent review reads. “I am now fully confident that this person is my soulmate, and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.” 

Another review says anyone who tries the listing “won’t regret it.”

“When I purchased this reading, I wasn’t expecting much and sort of bought it on a whim, but I’m so glad I did,” the review reads. “Artistic Psychic’s reading was extremely thorough and the picture she sketched was so realistic and detailed, it was like looking at an actual photo. She is beyond talented, incredibly kind, and also wonderfully sincere.”

Meanwhile, Artistic Psychic also has listings for when you want to find out your future husband, twin flame, future boyfriend, among others. A listing specifically for the LGBTQIA community is also available.

The listings’ current rates are at 50% off, starting from P1,346.15.

As of writing, over 20 people have availed of the service.


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