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Anyone who watched the Korean drama Reply 1988 knew what went down with Junghwan and Deoksun’s relationship. To put it simply, the two did not have a happy ending.
For liking Deoksun for so long and for everything he has done for her, fans of the drama felt so sorry for Junghwan, so much so that a Filipino couple, Mon and Mhy, decided to give the characters a happy ending in their own prenuptial photoshoot.
“The shoot was the idea of their idea as they were avid fans of the show,” Eric Nilo, owner and head photographer of  Photoerin Photography and Films told MB Life.
The initial plan of the prenup was planned a year ago, supposedly at a private cove in Oriental Mindoro. Due to the Covid19 situation, however, the couple decided not to push through with the original plan and wanted it done in BGC instead.
“They started watching Reply 1988 during ECQ and they got hooked,” he added. “They came up with the idea right after finishing the drama. They were both for Team Jung Hwan, so they decided to give him and Deok Sun a happy ending through their prenup storyline.”

Reply 1988 // Mon and Mhy Prenup

Posted by PhotoErin Photography & Films on Thursday, September 3, 2020

To achieve the look and feel of the hit 2016 drama, Nilo said he and his wife watched the series to know more about the drama, including “details and location that suits the concept.”

Just like hardcore Kdrama fans, they also joined a fan group to gather more inspiration for the shoot.
“Mon and Mhy prepared everything they needed like outfit and props to make sure that the feel of this drama is on point,” Nilo said. “They also sent us the screen captures of the best moments of Junghwan and Dukseon. At the shoot, we got resourceful with the tools, lighting, background, the indoor and outdoor location matching shot lists they sent us.”
The result was a series of photos that closely resembled some of the characters’ most memorable scenes in the drama, including that early morning school bus ride, when Junghwan stopped Dukseon from going on a blind date, among others.
As this was conducted in the middle of a pandemic, all health safety protocols were strictly followed during the shoot such as wearing of face masks and face shields, Frequent hand sanitizing, and maintaining physical distance.
“To make sure the safety of everyone, the couple limited the number of people involved in the shoot. It was just the couple, their hair and makeup artist, me (Eric) and my co-photographer Reymark, as well as the groom-to-be’s best man who assisted and prepared the food for us the whole day,” Eric explained. “Mon and Mhy also prepared a lot of packed snacks, candies, and chocolates, bottled water, face masks, sanitizers, and tissues to minimize going outside. We were also required by the owner of the AirBNB, which also served as a shoot location, to do self-check for possible Covid-19 symptoms and submit body temperature results before entering the unit.”
As of writing, Eric and his team are preparing for another Korean drama-inspired shoot.


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