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Sako but make it fashion.

This is what AraPilak Zero Waste Products showed in their latest release, which features clothing items made out of flour sacks.

Called Ba’law, which is the Cuyonon word for awareness, the Palawan-based sustainable brand’s line brings back the traditional Filipino practice of making “wise use of whatever is available to us,” a skill that’s proving to be valuable during this pandemic.

FLOUR SACK CLOTHING: Bringing a traditional Filipino practice to the present and the futureInspired partially by the…

Posted by AraPilak Zero Waste Products Palawan on Monday, August 31, 2020

“The use of flour sack to make clothing is nothing new. In the Philippines, resourceful women, especially in the barrios who had limited resources used flour sacks or “katsa” to make everything from bibs, cloth diapers, handkerchiefs, skirts, blouses and curtains,” the brand writes in a Facebook post. “Sadly, this ingenious practice is no longer as widespread as it was just a few decades ago. This is what prompted us to launch [the line].”

As a brand dedicated to sustainable practices, AraPilak, which started out three years ago selling bamboo straws, also hopes to help consumers lessen their carbon footprint by offering environmentally conscious options for dresses, shirts, and even trendy cropped tops in affordable prices ranging from P250 to P450 pesos.

AraPilak takes orders via their Facebook and Instagram accounts. 


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