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It’s official. The “Ber” months have started and what better way to welcome the season to be jolly than listening to the OG of Pinoy Christmas, Jose Mari Chan.

The singer, best known for classic hits like “Christmas in Our Hearts,” “Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile,” and “Deep in my Heart,” owns this time of the year, thanks to his top-selling 1990 Christmas album and just for being a living +reminder of simpler, better times.

To relive the good ol’ holidays pre-pandemic and to send you much-needed positive vibes in what has so far been a year of whirlwind, chaos, and craziness, we’ve compiled the best Jose Mari Chan songs.

Go ahead. Hit that play button and put Christmas in Our Hearts on full blast. Scroll through your Facebook and Twitter feed for “ECQ, GCQ, PASQ” memes while you’re at it.

On a more serious note, however, Jose Mari Chan, whose Christmas hits officially turn 30 years old this year (Christmas in Our Hearts, to be specific), is encouraging everyone to celebrate the holidays through generosity “to make this Christmas happy and meaningful for all.”

“It is my hope that Christmas will bring us comfort and healing,” he writes in a Facebook post. “For many who have been blessed with sufficiency, God is giving this opportunity to share your blessings and bring joy to our brothers in need.”

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