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As Filipinos celebrate National Heroes’ Day today (and a long weekend, too), tributes for those at the frontlines of the battle against coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) can be seen everywhere online. Called modern-day heroes, healthcare workers, restaurant staff, security guards, delivery riders, grocery employees, among others, are all honored in photos and videos dedicated for them.

While such expressions of gratitude for all their hard work despite the risks are much-appreciated, there are other ways to honor the country’s frontliners.

You can start by offering your help.


It’s probably been difficult for you financially, too. After all, no person is completely unaffected by the pandemic and the effects of a lockdown. If, however, you have extra money or even goods lying around your house that frontliners may find useful, don’t hesitate to donate. You can always reach out to the many platforms that specifically respond to the needs of frontliners.

A design initiative called Manila Takeout, for instance, helps struggling bars and restaurants by selling local artist-designed, limited edition shirts as merch. All the proceeds go to the service team of food establishments like El Chupacabra, El Union Coffee, Route 196, and Today X Future. Those behind the initiative are set to release new designs soon.

Here are other donation channels to check out:

Stay at home

If there’s absolutely no need to go out, don’t. When you stay at home, you help not just those around you, but also medical frontliners by minimizing the risk of contracting and potentially spreading Covid-19 infection further. Take that catch up sesh with your friends to Zoom instead. Go malling only when the curve has been flattened. Save that La Union or Boracay trip later.

Practice safety protocols when out and about

If you do need to go outside to stock up on essentials or run other errands, always make sure that you have a mask and a face shield on. Carry with you sanitizers, too. If possible, put all of these in a pouch that you can just grab right before leaving the house. Take kits like Protectaide as an example, an all-in-one pandemic kit that contains alcohol, face masks, gloves, liquid soap, and tissue.

Practice physical distancing, too. Being apart for now can make being together again in the future possible.

Express your support

Now more than ever, frontliners need your words of encouragement. Fighting a battle with mo end in sight, at least at the moment, can be exhausting. Listen to them if they’re calling for a timeout and understand why it’s necessary. Learn, educate, participate in discussions, share that nurse’s TikTok detailing the struggles of healthcare workers, or share that informative artwork about PUV drivers, even if it’s all online. Your input matters, even if you feel like it doesn’t.

Featured image from Manila Bulletin


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