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Everyone’s favorite tita, Auntie Julie, is back!

In an Instagram post, content creator Macoy Dubs, who is the creator of and the actor for the persona, shared a video of Auntie Julie at the Greenbelt Chapel to attend a mass, complete with her pearl earrings, sparkly necklace, and her funny and lovable personality.

Known as the friendly neighborhood tita from Poveda that youngsters find cool, Auntie Julie not only calls everyone “anak” and knows every chika, she also promotes safe sex because she “wants you to be responsible teenagers.” She is also not judgmental when matchmaking and is more than comfortable to ask about Grindr.

Macoy Dubs, however, had to put on hold the series a little more than a week ago due to cancel culture.

“Thank you for having Auntie Julie in your lives,” he tweeted. “[It] makes me sad because I just want to create videos for entertainment, but just like the dubs I did before, people will still hate you. Aunt Julie can’t please everyone.”

He later clarified that Macoy Dubs will stay and that Auntie Julie will be back.

“Macoy Dubs will stay. Those who are cancelling Julie are the same people who cancelled Macoy Dubs way back April 2019,” he added before calling for everyone to “cancel the cancel culture, not the ‘good vibes’ culture.”

“Auntie Julie will be back. She still loves you and will be the tita who gives you wantawsan,” Macoy tweeted. “[She] will just take care of herself.”

As of writing, there’s no confirmation from Macoy Dubs if this is the persona’s official return. Auntie Julie’s fans online, however, are more than happy to welcome her back.


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