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As schools shift to conducting remote classes amid the pandemic, a small food business hopes to help teachers by selling churros and using all of the profit to buy school materials for donation.

[Project Churros for our GUROs]LET'S HELP OUR TEACHERS!Hi! We are creating a donation drive and fundraising for…

Posted by The Cookerist on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Called Churros for GUROs, the project is an initiative launched in early August by The Cookerist, a Cagayan-based food seller. It is the brainchild of Bianca Dorado, the project’s head and the daughter of a high school teacher in the province’s town of Lallo.

We are creating a donation drive and fundraising for teachers and schools in Lallo, Cagayan,” she writes in a post announcing the project. “We are selling an all-time favorite merienda, churros, and 100% of its profit will be used to donate bondpapers, inks, staplers, and other school materials as our teachers shift to modular learning.”

Dorado says the idea to set up the project began when her mother shared that there’s a lack of modular learning materials such as bond papers.

“I saw this problem not just as an isolated case, but a dilemma faced by all schools in our town, be it private or public,” she tells MB Life. “As a law student currently unemployed, I, on my own, cannot help them because I do not have my own money yet. Helping teachers, however, is not at all impossible, and I was sure that a lot of people also wanted to help but just did not have enough money to buy the materials. I have always been fond of collective effort—the idea that no matter how small an action may be, it can leave a huge impact, hence, this initiative.”

As someone who also has a passion for teaching, Dorado says she’s hoping that through this effort, both students and teachers will not be left behind, especially those who do not have the privilege of a stable internet connection and gadgets for online learning.

“Modular learning is [turning out to be] the best option,” she adds. “I would like to see this work.”

As the delivery of the fried dough pastry—which comes in a solo (P45) or for sharing (P90) optionsis only limited to Lallo, Dorado says donations in cash or in kind are also welcome.

As of August 22, we have raised a total of 6, 820 from churros sales and donations. With this, five schools were set as…

Posted by The Cookerist on Saturday, August 22, 2020

As of August 22, The Cookerist has raised a total of P6, 820 from churros sales and donations, an amount enough to supply 30 reams of bond paper and 15 boxes of staple bullet. Teachers from four schools in the area are set to benefit from this.

“This, for us, is already a great feat,” Dorado shares in a post updating the project’s supporters. “We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to our donors, customers, and friends who continuously support our cause.”

Dorado says she is allocating a portion of the fund for the second batch of fundraiser and donation drive to reach out to more schools in his town.

“As the project progresses, we will expand to schools outside our town since some concerned parents are also messaging us to donate to schools outside our town.”

For interested donors of Churros for GUROs, you may check the donation details here or reach out to The Cookerist on Facebook


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