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Sixteen hours after it premiered on YouTube, BTS’s newest video for “Dynamite” smashed records, on its way to what is appearing to be another history-making feat. As of the latest count, it racked 72 million views, or at a rate of 75,000 views per minute—truly staggering, yet not unexpected for the K-pop superstars.

If it continues its view pace, “Dynamite” would become a record-holding achievement for BTS, becoming the most-viewed video ever in YouTube history in the first 24 hours. This would likely smash the record set by another Korean pop act, when Blackpink debuted “How You Like That,” with 86.3 million views in 24 hours.

BTS’s new song is also “historic” in a way as this the group’s first full English song. Netizens have raved about the song, comparing it to danceable tracks from Katy Perry, Ariana Grade, and Justin Timberlake. The launch was also timely, as people stuck at their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic needed to hear something new. And BTS didn’t disappoint.

“During these hard times, your music and everything makes us smile and happy. I can’t help but cry by the end of the video, but these were the tears of happiness…the decision to stan BTS was the greatest decision I’ve made during quarantine,” according to one netizen.

Now, to help BTS break more records, add more views to “Dynamite.” As of this writing, this song is sitting on top of  YouTube’s Trending list. Check the video below courtesy of Big Hit Labels:

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