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Coffee lover, could you imagine life without a cup of your favorite coffee to sip anytime of the day?

This is something that is hard to imagine but there’s a possibility that it might happen soon if we don’t act fast. Earlier this year, Forbes Magazine has reported that most coffee species are at risk of extinction due to climate change.

It says that according to a study published by Science Advances, 60 percent of wild coffee species are in the brink of extinction, including the most popular Arabica coffee. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, our local coffee production specifically the Barako beans from the south has been affected by the recent activity of Taal Volcano.

Nico Bolzico

With this alarming reality, during the recent Nespresso event, MB Life asked its brand ambassador and agriculture expert Nico Bolzico what coffee lovers can do to help fight this crisis.

Here are his tips:

  • Educate yourself about climate change and global warming

According to Nico, everyone should be aware that climate change is real and that it is happening across the globe.

“I do believe that global warming is an issue, something that we should be aware of,” the LM10 Corporation, an agriculture consultation company owner says. “In our farm in Argentina, it’s either our land is flooded or we have very dry season. This extreme weather and its effects all come from global warming and this is also happening in the Philippines.”

  • Take care of our natural resources

The Nespresso home barista also says that we should always keep in mind that Earth and its resources have their limitation and we can do this by choosing organic living.

“When you plant something on Earth, you are getting much more than what you planted,” Nico says. “It’s important to treat your land as an asset that is not limitless. Make sure that every organic matter that we extract from the Earth, the land, we are giving it back.” And lastly,

  • Practice recycling

Apart from being organic, he also reminds everyone the importance of choosing sustainable living and recycling things. This includes using food waste as organic fertilizer and returning empty Nespresso capsules to the company for them to recycle it.

“It’s not just about taking, taking, taking, and digging from the Earth, but it’s also recovering what you took,” he ends.

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