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With the hope to bring joy and comfort to Filipinos, especially at these challenging times, young musicians Clara Benin, Reese Lansangan, and Quest joined Levi’s Strauss Philippines 5:01 Live Series.

A fundraising program initiated by the global clothing brand, it aims to help local artists who were affected by the pandemic. In an interview with MB Life, the three artists expressed their gratitude to be given an opportunity to help the art industry.

“I feel grateful that Levi’s asked me to participate in its campaign. I got to bring comfort to people and help those in need through my music,” says Clara.

Meanwhile, “Sige Lang” singer Quest, calls for love and unity. “I believe it’s very important for us to take part in making this world a little better for others,” he says. “I’m making the most out of my music to help inspire and empower people around me. This is my contribution to society and stoked that Levi’s is helping amplify my platform.”

Hurting but still helping

Aside from elevating the art scene, the clothing brand also works with UNICEF Philippines, supporting the organization’s Covid-19 relief effort. This, despite the fact that the fashion scene is among the badly hit industries during this pandemic.

“Levi’s, together with the retail sector, has been hit hard as a result of the lockdowns and resulting store closures. We see a significant reduction in mall traffic that we anticipate to continue throughout the rest of the year,” Kat Costas, marketing manager of Levi’s Strauss PH Inc. tells MB Life. “Consumers are also reducing spending on non-essentials products. It would be a challenge to recover as fast as we initially hoped for, but we’re being agile and adapting to this new normal as best as we can.”

“[Despite that] we were looking ways to give back in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the onset of this crisis, we launched an internal 3:1 Levi’s Employee Giving Campaign to support UNICEF Philippines. For every employee donation, this was matched three-fold by Levi’s,” she shares. “At the same time, we wanted to involve and empower our patrons and give them more ways to help. Through the Levi’s VIP Club, they can convert their earned rivets from past and future purchases into donation vouchers to support UNICEF Philippines. All donations will be used to fund UNICEF’s emergency programming for children in the country.”

With all these initiatives of giving back to community, “A song about space” artist, Reese says that she’s happy to be part of it. “I’m glad that I am able to do my small part as a musician, even if I’m staying at home,” she says. “Sharing music is an act of spreading joy in itself (and God knows we need more of it now), but I feel great knowing that 5:01 live goes beyond and is committed to helping in more concrete, tangible, and immediate ways.”

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