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With eight months of 2020 gone by (whew, is it already August?), the smiling and hopeful faces of January is turning out to be… (hint: we’re not excited with it).

Judging the celebrity Covid calendar meme of Reese Witherspoon, it looks like the future is bleak by looking at her face for the month of September.

After Reese’s post, which was dubbed “The Reese Witherspoon Challenge,” celebrities (well, they all have their expressions available to choose from) such as Viola Davis, Mindy Kaling, Mark Ruffalo, and a lot more joined in, basically echoing (more or less copying) Reese’s face.

Netizens lined up their own calendar memes, using celebrities’ and models’ faces, images from movies, pop culture, and daily life to show that same, same bleak days ahead. With all the news these days, it was not a surprise. Yes, we all long for the days when it was just the “Dolly Parton Challenge.”


Pinoy celebs should have something like this calendar meme in the following days, and we’re sure that it won’t deviate far from their Hollywood idols.

For the meantime, let’s hope for better days (and calendar memes) to come!

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